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Conference Themes

The conference will consist of the following streams:
  1. Biomedical Engineering for Assistive Technologies
    Biomedical engineering is a growing field with number of diverse areas. The aim of this stream is to provide a platform for biomedical engineers, clinicians, managers and user of assistive technologies to get together and share their outcomes, ideas, needs and views. Scientific papers that deal with the research, development, testing and future requirements of assistive technologies are invited.

  2. Advances in Biosignals
    There has been an explosion of biosignal analysis around the world. The aim of this stream is to provide a platform for researchers working in the analysis of signals such as EEG, EMG, and ECG to discuss their research outcomes with their peers, and demonstrate the possibilities of applications to clinicians and users. Scientific papers that provide the research, development and applications of biosignal analysis are invited for this session.

  3. Biosignals for Machine Interface
    For the past 30 years and more, there has been ongoing research in the field of controlling and commanding computers and machines with biosignals such as EMG, EOG and EEG. Such control provides the user with a natural interface with the machines, and is particularly useful for amputees and the very frail. Scientific papers are invited from researchers working in the field of using biosignals to interface the user with computers and machines. This includes research in biomedical engineering, signal processing, control systems, pattern recognition and rehabilitation engineering.

  4. Robots for Assisted Living
    Robots have found applications ranging from industrial robots to assemble cars, robots for entertainment and robots for assisting people with limited capabilities such as the elderly, the weak, and the disabled. Scientific papers that detail the development and research in the fields such as robotic/ prosthetic hands, robotic wheelchairs, etc are invited.

  5. Biomedical Image Analysis for Diagnosis and Biometrics
    There has been a recent surge in research activity in biomedical image analysis. Research is being reported in the field of reducing radiation dosages, improving the quality of biomedical images and automating the analysis of these images. The activities reported in recent literature include retina scans, mammograms and ultrasonography for identification of tumours. Analysis of images and scans for biometrics applications are also included in this section. Scientific papers that explain the methodology and/ or the analysis of biomedical images are invited.