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Top Robotics Engineering Schools in the US

Robotics engineering schools seem to of novelty. In fact, you will be surprised to learn for how long mankind is doing researches in robotics. It’s been over half a century since the US has implemented its first robotics studies. Nowadays, so many US schools offer classes and degrees in robotics. If your passion for futuristic technologies cannot be fulfilled with anything else but assembling robots, you should be pursuing a degree in robotics programs. Here is our take on the top three robotic engineering schools in the US. Pick the one that fits you best!

1. University of Washington-Seattle

The University of Washington will probably surprise you with its size. Oh, it is the biggest university on our list. This achievement comes with the largest scope of various robotics disciplines, classes, and programs. Overall, it is heaven for engineer students who have a passion for futuristic technologies. The university keeps its focus on three major elements in such technologies, which are Systems, Controls, and Robotics. Hence, you can study how to build a robot, how to control it via artificial intelligence, and how to program it.
The university also often holds colloquiums on the advancements in the fields, keeping its finger on the pulse of the industry. Though, if all of that is still not enough to you, the BioRobotics Lab can have a final word in this description. There’s hardly any robotics engineering student who doesn’t wish to work in that lab.

2. University of Minnesota

Now, to be precisely clear, the university doesn’t have the discipline of robotics engineering. Though, it does offer an extensive course of artificial intelligence and robotics. The College of Computer Science and Engineering keeps its main focus on the progress in the field of artificial intelligence. Thus, to keep up, its students are rather strong in the research work. Currently, one of the leading developments in the College’s is the work on wireless control and cooperation among robots. Hence, here you may not build a robot from scratch, but you surely will be able to develop a robot’s brain. How cool is that? Here you’ll never ask, “who can do my math homework for me?”. You’ll be glad to work on your robots yourself. Just note, the program is for graduate students only.

1. University of Utah

The Robotic Center at Utah University is one of the best in the entire region. Oh, what a fine place it is to be for any robot enthusiast. First of all, the university has a series of different labs, assigned for various purposes. Here you can always ask, “can you help me do my homework?”, and in a minute, you’ll have a new working group, developing robots with you. There is also the Large Robotics Lab, the main location for anyone to mingle and test their developments. There is a lab designed specifically for testing robots for their motion and movement. In addition, there are other facilities that have labs for Design, Automation, Robotics, and Control of robots.
Overall, the university gives a fantastic opportunity for its graduate students to develop new technologies in their labs. Not to mention that the Robotic Center has its own group of developers who are working on microrobot technologies. These robots will be navigating in living organisms!